About SAINA Athleisure

As a company, SAINA athleisure has a goal to not do business as usual. Most manufactures produce fast fashion for the masses based on what they think they need. At SAINA, we listen and interact with our customers, then provide affordable athleisure options based on your needs.

SAINA athleisure has clothing for whatever your day brings. Whether it's walking, jogging, yoga, hitting the gym, chasing the kids, or lounging with friends.

It's about quality fabrics that support while providing all-day comfort. It's about a fun mix of fitness and lounging solutions. And it is always about innovative style and attention to detail down to the last stitch.

Compare us to other brands on quality and price . . . you'll see the difference and the value.

Have an athleisure need or idea you'd like to share . . . let us know. That's another important difference between SAINA and other companies. Being small & family owned, we are constantly improving and designing athleisure to accommodate our customers needs.

Meet Our Founder: Saina Nia

Saina Nia started out as an Instagram Influencer and has been promoting other clothing brands for years. Her years of modeling and promoting gave her a unique perspective on the clothing market and where the gaps in quality and consistency existed. With this insider knowledge, she launched her own brand hoping to meet the missing needs of consumers. Saina is known by her followers as an authentic, honest, and caring individual and she brings those same characteristics to her company. 

In her spare time, Saina loves spending quality time with her husband Tyler and their Bernese Mountain Dog - Remy. Saina draws a lot of her design inspiration from their family adventures in Southern California.

Follow her on Instagram @sainablogdaily and follow the brand @sainabrand

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