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"It's the highest quality workout set I own."

Daniella B.
Kickboxing Coach

The Saina Difference


Our clothing is designed to follow the lines of your body and support your body type. We want our clothes to accentuate your figure.


Only the finest materials are used at Saina. Sustainability is what we do. High-quality products are a choice, and we choose to give our customers the best.


We are at the forefront of active comfort. When you put on our clothes, we want you to feel wrapped in luxury. Get active while feeling cozy.


Everyone deserves a first-class shopping experience. That's why we strive to provide best-in-class support. At Saina we care about how you shop.


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black athletics jacket for women
Athletics Jacket
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Olive high impact sports bra
High-Impact Sports Bra
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Gray scrunch leggings
High-Waisted Scrunch Leggings
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