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Why Start Doing Yoga?

6 Winning Key Points For Your Next Fave Activity

Those of us who've tried yoga have fallen in love with this ancient Indian practice that takes you to a higher level physically and mentally.

More and more people are aware of the benefits of yoga (and no, I'm not just talking about the fantastic women's sportswear (internal link) that boosts our confidence and shape)...

But many still consider it too difficult — even though they've never tried it.

Yet, the benefits of yoga are multiple and positively hit every sphere of our existence:

  • Physical fitness

  • Inner peace

  • Better performance

  • General well-being

Here are 6 key winning points for you to start practicing your next fave activity…

(And I mean it!)

1. It's An Excellent Physical Activity

Yoga wasn’t meant to be a proper physical activity or workout…

But it allows everyone (with no exception) to get their body in motion and to get amazing full-body training. Now, for some Mythbusters time: you don’t need to be a pro; just follow the movements that best suit your body to benefit from yoga!

Yoga positions can be adapted to your level and your needs to build a practice beneficial on a physical level — back pain, headaches, or just physical well-being.

In short, there's an asana ready for everyone and all needs.

2. It Helps You Use Your Breath In The Best Way And Relax

Depending on the type of yoga you decide to practice, you'll do more or less breathing exercises that will allow you right away to learn to breathe in a different, deeper and less impulsive way.

Learning to breathe better means letting more air into our body and, above all, relaxing for longer (if combined with meditation, the effect of yoga is even greater).

Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine studied the effects of two weeks of yoga on gaga neurotransmitter levels in the thalamus and compared this practice with walking of the same duration. This showed that yoga relieves anxiety and improves one’s mood more than walking because it greatly affects how we breathe.

3. Yoga Will Help You Sleep Better… Golden Slumbers!

Physical activities, in general, help you sleep better.

But yoga — and I say this from personal experience — is the best way to have the nights of your life! There are positions designed specifically to relax, which should be practiced before going to bed.

You see, yoga helps you rest better because it puts all the muscles of your body in motion in a way that seems passive to us but is more gentle in reality.

You may not feel the fatigue during the practice, but your body will surely feel it when you fall asleep by relaxing and preparing for a better night.

4. It's Great For Posture, Balance And Flexibility

Allowing you to breathe correctly while properly stretching, yoga improves your posture, benefitting your back too. (Especially if you spend most of your time sitting.)

Your back will thank you if you start doing yoga, and you won't be forced to do boring exercises!

The more you improve your yoga positions, the more you'll feel the need to wear clothes that are like a second skin for you. This is why more and more customers choose our premium Saina Women's Sportswear (link).

5. It Increases Concentration And Psychological Stamina

Practicing yoga, especially at an advanced stage, is a great exercise for concentration.

On the one hand, you have to remember the positions constantly. And on the other hand, if you get distracted, you lose the connection between body and mind, which is necessary to complete the sequences.

By doing this, yoga continually questions yourself and increases your ability to focus and think only about what you're doing at that particular moment. This leads to a higher ability to concentrate even in daily life while staying focused on the moment and the activity you are doing.

6. It Helps You Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

According to data and research, those who practice yoga tend to follow a healthier lifestyle, eat better, and follow the rhythms of nature.

This guarantees a better and more attentive quality of life. This doesn't mean becoming vegan or vegetarian, mind you, but simply paying more attention to your body to nourish your body and soul.


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