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How Does Saina Ensure Every Piece of Athletic Wear Is Tested to Perfection? An Inside Look at Our 13-Step Process

Hey, fitness family! Ever pulled on a pair of leggings and thought, “Wow, these were made for me”? Well, chances are, Saina’s rigorous 13-step testing process is the secret sauce. Let’s take a sneak peek behind the seams to see how every piece of Saina athletic wear is tested to perfection.

Step 1: The Brainstorm Brigade

Before fabric meets skin, it’s all about the ideas. Saina’s design team is like a think tank for comfort and style. They’re always asking, “What does the modern mover need?”

What’s in a Thought?

  • Every design starts with a purpose.
  • They consider everything from squat-proof to sweat-wicking.

Step 2: The Fabric Fortress

Picking the right fabric isn’t just about feel; it's science. Saina’s fabric experts dissect durability, breathability, and eco-friendliness with the precision of a lab.

The Feel Factor:

  • Testing under various conditions ensures no bad surprises.
  • Only the most resilient and comfy materials make the cut.

Step 3: The Prototype Playground

This is where ideas take shape. The first prototype is like a rough draft – it’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

Trial and Error:

  • Prototypes undergo stretching, sweating, and squatting.
  • Feedback at this stage is gold.

Step 4: The Fit Fleet

Enter the real-world superheroes: the fit models. Saina’s gear is put to the test on bodies that move, shake, and do the full fitness spectrum.

Real Bodies, Real Feedback:

  • They check for pinch-points and the dreaded slip-down during a jog.
  • Fit models are key to that “just right” feeling.

Step 5: The Durability Drill

Saina’s wear is put through the wringer – literally. Think washing machines, treadmills, and simulated sun exposure.

Tough Love:

  • They aim for that “new” look, even after dozens of washes.
  • If it pills, it’s back to the drawing board.

Steps 6-12: The Repetition Regiment

Testing isn’t a one-and-done deal. Saina repeats steps 1-5, refining and tweaking, adding extra steps like focus groups, stress testing, and environmental impact assessments.

Perfecting the Process:

  • Repetition reveals weaknesses.
  • It's about evolving until it's just right.

Step 13: The Final Faceoff

The last step is a “final exam.” This is when a sample from the final production run is put through all the tests one last time to ensure consistency.

The Final Countdown:

  • This is the seal of approval.
  • If it passes here, it’s ready for you.

Tested to Perfection

By the end of Saina’s 13-step process, every piece isn’t just made — it's made with intention, care, and a heck of a lot of testing. It’s a labor of love because Saina knows that workout wear isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling unstoppable.

Now, think about the last piece of workout gear that made you feel like a million bucks. Was it the seamless fit, the way it moved with you, or just how it stood up to the rigors of your workout routine? Share with us - what do you value most in your athletic wear?


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