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Full Body Workouts

Many people assume that spending a lot of time in the gym is the key to

achieving their fitness goals, but that is not necessarily the case. Many

factors come into play such as; the type of exercises being performed, the

amount of time spent working out, and the diet plan followed.

For many individuals, a 3-day full body workout program is ideal when

living a busy, social, and hectic lifestyle. Whether you’re a weightlifter,

bodybuilder, underweight, overweight, or simply want to build strength and

muscle following a medical condition. A total-body workout can help you

build strength and gain muscle.

What is a Full-Body Workout?

A full-body workout is a workout that targets the lower body, and upper

body, and raises your heart rate. Needless to say, no muscles are left


5 Benefits of Full-Body Workouts

1. Time Efficient:

Full-body exercises may help cut down some of the time you spend

going to the gym every week without skipping a major muscle group.

2. Helps Reduce Your Risk of Injury:

Strengthening all of your muscle groups may help protect your body

against injuries that are very common such as; fractures, tears, or

general discomfort from daily life.

3. Muscle Growth:

You will work multiple muscles at once which will help stimulate and

activate muscle growth, along with a good source of protein intake.

4. Hormone Release:

The more muscle groups being targeted the more the body will

activate certain hormones such as Dopamine, Testosterone, and

Estrogen, which also help with body development and muscle


Dopamine - Helps reduce stress and may also help alleviate feelings of


Estrogen - Boosted estrogen levels are good for the heart to maintain

healthy cardiovascular tissue. Also, it helps prevents bone loss and

reduces the risk of Osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones.

Testosterone (a.k.a male hormone) - Helps slow the effects of

natural aging. It is also responsible for increased muscle mass.

5. Helps Maintain Range of Motion and Everyday Body Movement

As we age our bodies will change and our strength and flexibility may

decline. With full body workouts, we are helping our bodies slow down this

process by helping them with continuous flexibility and strength.

What Are the Best 3 Full Body Exercises?

Exercise 1: Barbell Squat

A barbell squat exercise focuses and activates the lower extremities of

your body such as the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles.

However, BB squat, when done properly includes upper body muscles

such as back and core muscles which helps movement stabilization.

Exercise 2: Barbell Deadlift

A barbell deadlift exercise focuses on the lower and upper body such as

hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, lower back muscles, upper back muscles,

quads, and core.

Exercise 3: Barbell Bench

A barbell bench exercise targets the muscles in the upper body. It’s an

amazing workout that focuses on the chest, and triceps, and also uses

shoulders, forearms, core, and others. When done with a proper form,

lower extremities are included such as the quad, hamstrings, and glutes

Learn to love and appreciate your body and its full potential. Hard work that

you put into your body will pay off in the long run. The reward is the ability

to live a mobile, pain-free, and healthy lifestyle.

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