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Barbell Squat

How to Barbell Squat for Strong Glutes and Legs?

If the goal is to achieve strong glutes and legs, then the barbell squat is one of the most

successful exercises that can be performed to achieve results and more. A barbell

squat involves the use of a barbell to perform a squat. It consists of pushing the hips

back, then bending the knees, and lowering in a squatting position parallel to the floor,

then standing back up - all while making sure that the barbell is securely placed on top

of the shoulders and held tightly by both hands.

Benefits of Barbell Squats?

Helps to build strength and increase mobility which helps with everyday activities such

as lifting heavy objects, climbing a flight of stairs, walking, running, bending, reaching,

and more. It also greatly helps to reduce the risk of injury and will have your legs

looking cut to perfection in your Saina leggings. This exercise is also recommended to

target core muscles and helps boost athletic performance.

Are Barbell Squats right for me?

First learn how to master the air squat by lowering your body to the ground in a

squatting position and stand right back up. Doing this should look like you’re sitting on a

stool (or toilet) and then standing up. Once this has been mastered, you can practice

with free weights and ultimately move on to the barbell. Now the exact type of barbell

squat that’s best for you depends on your overall health condition, strength, and

mobility. This exercise involves placing the barbell in front of your shoulders instead of

the back. It helps with posture and focuses on your hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes,

which is perfect for improving mobility and posture.

How Do Barbell Squats Help Build Your Confidence?

Squats can be challenging but beneficial to both body and mind. To be able to bear

hundreds of pounds on your shoulders and then to try to execute a deep squat takes a

lot of strength, confidence, and discipline. As you continue to bear more weight, the

body and mind become one. You will feel accomplished knowing that you were able to

execute this exercise. It will also improve your self appearance, therefore, improving

your self-esteem as well.


The Squat Rack Story

“Skinny guy walked into a gym and asked the owner for the best supplement for gaining

muscle mass. The gym owner pointed to the squat rack. The skinny guy didn’t

understand, left the gym, and stayed skinny. Another skinny guy walked into the gym

the next day and asked the same question. The gym owner gave him the same

answer. A third guy came in and went straight to the squat rack and started squatting.

He got very good at it and became very strong and muscular too. Moral of the story:

When the gym owner or personal trainer points to the squat rack, pay attention.”

The barbell squat is just like life. It’s all about standing back up after something hefty

takes you down. When you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, squat!

Then continue to eat, sleep, squat, and repeat…


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